Be Nattie Graphic Designer and Illustrator from Belgium

Welcome to Be Nattie Designs!

My name is Nathalie and I’m a graphic designer, an illustrator, a constant creator.

When I decided to start my own small digital art business, I was looking high and low for that perfect, catchy brand name that everyone would remember and pronounce correctly. Everything that popped up in my mind, was either taken or didn’t sound quite that catchy after all. I was trying too hard to fit in with thorny roses in a glass vase, while being a wildflower belonging in a colourful field.

This little voice inside my soul kept stirring: “Don’t overthink it, keep it simple, just be yourself, be Nattie!”

And so the name for my business was born! Nattie has been my nickname for over 20 years and now I look at people funny when they call me Nathalie…

But enough about me, why are you here and what are you in the mood for?