Be Nattie Graphic Designer and Illustrator from Belgium
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The facts • Sharing the best version of myself.

Hi, my name is Nattie!

Graphic Designer | Illustrator | Mompreneur

Combining my love for art & earthlings.

Drawing the best version of myself.

    • I am Belgian, a wife, a mom, a designer, an illustrator, a dog trainer, a chocoholic.
    • I like rhetorical questions, backpacks, hoodies, sneakers, scarves, wooden toys, word puns, purple, learning new languages, moving around the furniture in our house once in a while.
    • I dislike coffee and hypothetical questions.
    • I have never dyed my hair, broken a bone or worn high heels. Ever.
    • My zodiac sign is Libra.

      Typical Libra that is, I can’t decide between believing in astrology or not.

    The inspiration for my logo and branding was drawn 
from Mother Nature.

    Let's face it, nature
 always has the best 
ideas when it comes 
to colours and shapes.

    Each of the colours 
represent values that 
are very important in
 my personal life.

 My goal is to 
implement these 
values in my small


    stands for

    being grounded


    having integrity


    stands for

    pursuing growth




    stands for

    believing in magic




    stands for

    having empathy



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